Detail of Ierland

OFFICIAL NAME: Ireland (Éire in Irish)
LARGEST CITIES: Cork, Limerick, Galway
LANGUAGE (S): Irish (official language) but English is widely spoken
TIME DIFFERENCE: Bangladesh is 6 hours ahead of Ireland
BANK : Closed on Saturday and Sunday.
EXCHANGE RATE : 1.00 EURO is equivalent to 84.26 BDT

Higher Education in Ireland

Ireland has one of the best education systems in the world concerning to higher education achievements. The Irish education system is made up of three levels; primary, secondary and higher (also known as “third level” or tertiary). At third level education, most universities offer English taught programs with only a few Irish options. Some universities offer courses partly through French, German or Spanish.

Why study in Ireland

  • Ireland is an English speaking country
  • Ireland is one of the friendliest and safest country in the world which helps foreign students adapt to the way of life
  • Get immerged in an innovative and creative culture
  • The Ireland government allow students to stay back for 6 months on announcement of results to seek employment. Once a student achieve employment he/she becomes eligible to apply for Green Card/Work permit
  • Ireland is one of the most entrepreneurial countries in the world. If entrepreneurship is something you're interested in and you'd like to discuss your concerns and celebrate successes with your peers, then Ireland is for you.
  • Unlike other countries, there is an avenue for an appeal on a refusal.

   Visa Fee

   INR 4,100

   Our Service Charges

   University & course selection – BDT 5,000/-
Admission Paperwork’s – BDT 20,000/-
Visa Assistance – BDT 15,000/-
Visa Logistics – BDT 25,000/-

**For Ireland student visa, applicant do not need to visit India for visa application. Applicant can submit all the required documents at VISAThing! for Student's Bangladesh office.

Processing Time: Admission processing time 1-3 months depending on the university and 6 weeks for visa processing.