Why Partnership with Admission.ac?


As higher education has steadily become more commercialized, universities are getting used to employing professional marketers to develop and manage their reputations and brands as well as recruiting students. Simultaneously, universities are now happy with the concept of collaborating with international student recruitment agents to minimize costs. These support students in making decisions about where to apply to university.
It is common knowledge that many – perhaps most – student recruitment agents who practice unfair means and make deals outside of their agreements with partners. At Admission.ac we never compromise with our transparency and honesty.

Since 2013, Admission.ac has been a recognized leader in global higher education service, partnering with universities in the USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, New Zealand, the UK, Malaysia, China and Russia to increase students’ access to, and success in, higher education.
Our proven partnership model takes a transparent and collaborative approach in order to align our partners’ mission, vision, goals and objectives and position our partnerships for long-term success in our region. We provide our partners access to resources and expertise to help drive large-scale initiatives that provide tangible, lasting benefits to students, faculty, staff and local communities.
The following are a few of our core competencies that might convince an institution to partner with us to recruit international students:  

  1. When all other firms take a long breathing time to found them on a solid ground, Admission.ac is found outstandingly born on a solid ground of management support and vision for the future as it is one of the more than 20 concerns of Daffodil Family.
  2. Bilateral agreements with 250+ universities worldwide
  3. Offering integrated and unique marketing support for the partner universities 
  4. Operating by highly skilled staffs with 12 years of experience and track record of success.
  5. Closely mentoring prospective students on course, country & university selection and admission & the student visa process on behalf of the partners.   
  6. Offering student on behalf of universities, a complete 360-degree custom solutions, tailored to their desired programs, universities, affordability and others unique set of challenges.
  7. Always in touch with our students and supporting them during pre-departure, post-departure as well as their study abroad and even after that.
  8. We are the first and only organization that finances deserving but needy students who wish to study abroad.