Application & Documentation


The first impression any university or education institution has about a student is through the application. This impression will carry a lot of weight when the student being considered for admission. It is for this reason that the application needs to be drafted with great care and should have all the necessary documents carefully presented with it. Our Education Advisor are always on hand to make sure that the documentation and application are exactly as they are supposed to be.

When the student finally receives their admission documents from the university they have need to prepare and apply for the visa. The visa is granted or refused on the basis of this application. This makes the application and the ancillary documentation absolutely pivotal to student’s efforts of securing a visa to another country.

Our expert Education Advisor has over 12 years of experience in helping students for university admission and student visa process. This experience has prepared them to help the student for creating an infallible visa application. We are always updated with the latest information and changes, which are frequent, in the processes and ensure student’s application is in lines with the latest rules and requirements. This practice of thorough applications has ensured that we have a bare minimum refusal rates for our students.