About Admission Ac


Admission.ac, established in 2013, is one of more than 53 concerns of the Daffodil Family. Today it is one of the most innovative organizations in overseas education consultancy in Bangladesh and acts as a globally recognized bridge between high-quality educational institutions in different parts of the world. For the past five years, we have been assisting discerning students in selecting the right universities and programs for them. While all other education consultancy firms take far too long to get things moving, Admission.ac staff support you to get where you’re going fast.

Hundreds of students approach us every semester with the aim of applying to various universities and colleges in different countries. Based on their academic profiles, scores, programs, and compatibility with the requirements of universities and colleges, we apply on their behalf to those which best suit students’ backgrounds. We help them with career counseling, admissions and visa processing, ticketing, pre-departure briefings, accommodation and so on. To meet the ever-growing demand for overseas education, Admission.ac is working closely with universities and colleges in the USA, Canada, Australia, the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, France, Russia, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, China and Singapore.