Prepare for Flight


Travel Arrangements: Through our partnerships with leading service providers, we take care of all travel needs including air ticketing, foreign exchange and travel insurance.

Pre-Departure Briefing: Before you fly, a pre-preparation about the new destination, culture and environment will be provided by us that includes - Details of local transportation e.g. Metro, bus, taxi, the location of nearby banks, markets, post office etc. We will give all out explanation about the University, and country's rules and regulations that strictly followed by students. We will always ask you to seek advises from us and the person in charge for international students in that university. We will take into account the needs and desires of you.

Airport Pickup and Accommodation: Our aim at providing all-around service in the whole course, starting from the application for universities and students' visa to the arrangement of airport pick-up and accommodation at destinations for the students who would like to seek their studies abroad. We will suggest various suitable accommodation options in new a destination that will help you settling down easily in a new environment comfortably.