Post Study Work


If you are considering remaining in the country to work after you have completed your studies, there are a number of visa options that may be available to you but depend on whether you meet the requirements for any of the options schemes that the Government operates.
You must remember that the immigration, work permit and visa rules getting tightened everywhere, you should remain updated about the post-study work opportunities in the foreign countries.
After all, everyone would like to work in the destination country to gain international work experience and to recover a significant part of the studying costs. However, bright and deserving international students are highly unlikely to get affected due to all these turmoil. It’s true that all the countries are making their visa and immigration rules more stringent than ever. But, qualified and skilled students and professionals will continue to enjoy the post-study work opportunities in the foreign countries.

There are many developed countries, these offers the post-study work opportunities for international students like Australia, US, UK, Canada, Germany, New Zealand, Ireland, Singapore, France, and other EU countries.

How to find a full-time job after graduating?
You’ve invested in your career throughout your academic studies and now it’s time to cash in and find a job.
So, you fell in love with the country where you studied and now you want to stay! This means you have find a full-time job after you’ve graduated. You can be prepared for the job hunt by pursuing work during your studies, for example having a part-time job in your field while still studying may act as a springboard to full-time employment upon graduation.
To help you get started, you should check what career-related student services your university offer. They might for example arrange job fairs in cooperation with prospective employers, or organize job searching skills seminars and other information sessions. Contact them to learn more about what services they provide.
The general advice would be working in the relevant field with your academic when it comes to seeking permanent employment after your studies.