Live – Permanent Residency


Every student wishes to study only in a developed country where there are high standards of living and quality lifestyle. So, he/she may settle there permanently after completing the education. If you want to stay in a country after completing your studies, you will have to apply for permanent residency otherwise you will only be allowed to stay for a short period depending on the country and after that your visa will expire.
There is nothing wrong with wanting to live a life with better standards and environment. Depending on students’ views, they even select only country where they know they better chance of getting permanent residency or else they will be sent back to their country. You may choose you study abroad destination by keeping following factors in priority.

  1. Permanent Residency opportunity
  2. Part-time and fulltime Job Opportunities
  3. Post-study work opportunity
  4. Ranking of the university
  5. Native language of the country
  6. Education Cost
  7. Cost of Living
  8. Population and Environment of the city
  9. Course of student’s interest
  10. How are extracurricular activities of the country
  11. Political and Social problems i.e. unstable government and racism

Before completing the duration of studies, you have to apply for permanent residency by filling out a few forms with a proper long procedure and takes a lot of time. You may not get permanent residency if you don’t like that country enough. You will have to prove that you will be of some benefit for this country too. You only get permanent residency based on strong valid reason. For that there are categories of permanent residency you can get and after you are given almost all rights that a native of that country has. Then you can stay as long as you want and leave the country as long as you want. Some of the countries’ permanent residency can be based on work skills and business etc. Following are the countries where you have more chances of getting a permanent visa than any other country

Countries you can immigrant easily:

CANADA: Canada even though cold country students are tempted with its visa rules and PR (permanent residency) system. Being multicultural and close to the USA, and one of the best countries to live in, students congregate to Canada, regardless of their choice of course and university. Finish one year course and you get the one-year visa extension. Finish two-year course you get the three-year visa extension for the job. If you get a job, you apply for PR after 6 months and sometimes immediately and within two years you become Canadian Citizen.
Australia: Regardless of racism and the heavy tuition fee, students care about the 2-3 year Visa extension after their education. With a high standard of living and better job prospects and easy PR rules, Australia is one of the most famous studies abroad destination among students in Bangladesh. A student can get PR in Australia within two years as well but have to spend 50000-70000 USD for education.
New Zealand: New Zealand’s population is aging day by day and the government requires international students to contribute their country’s economy. With this motto, the PR rules in the country have been relaxed. You can study in New Zealand with a minimal tuition fee compared to Australia and you get the visa extension for 2 years and settle there after your PR is processed within three years.
Ireland: You get one-year visa extension after finishing your one year program in Ireland. For PR/Green Card application it takes 36 months to process. Major sectors like information technology, engineering and medical are intact.
USA: Getting the green card in the USA is like dream come true. It takes minimum 10 years to get your visa processed. After completing your education you get a two-year visa extension. But the US is still a country well known for its university reputation, lifestyle, and technology, everyone dreams it.
European Countries: In European countries, visa regulations are quite strict and local language of the country has to be known to apply for Green Card. Also, processing time is very high. However certain employment card allows you to work as much as you want but won't be able to enjoy the benefits of a citizen. For example, blue card in Germany.