Accounting & Finance

University Name:

Moscow State University

To be eligible to enter the Chartered Accountants Program, an applicant must hold an Institute recognised degree and be in mentored accounting employment.

Accounting Universities

  • Bond University [Bond]
  • Central Queensland University [CQU]
  • Charles Sturt University [CSU]
  • Curtin University of Technology [CURTIN]
  • Deakin University [Deakin]
  • Edith Cowan University [ECU]
  • Flinders University [FLINDERS]
  • Griffith University [GRIFFITH]
  • James Cook University [JCU]
  • Macquarie University [MACQUARIE]
  • Monash University [MONASH]
  • Murdoch University [MURDOCH]
  • Queensland University of Technology [QUT]
  • RMIT University [RMIT]
  • Southern Cross University [SCU]
  • University of Adelaide [ADELAIDE]
  • University of Canberra [CANBERRA]
  • University of New England [UNE]
  • University of New South Wales [UNSW]
  • University of Newcastle [NEWCASTLE]

Why study accounting in Australia

1. First class teachers 
The School of Accounting at UNSW is internationally renowned for its innovative and high quality teaching at both undergraduate and graduate levels. 

Our teachers have won national teaching awards, as well as Vice-Chancellor teaching awards. Classes involve students in an interactive and thought provoking learning environment. We also increasingly use the web as a learning tool.

2. Cutting edge courses
Our courses are constantly revised to meet new challenges in a globalised and digitised world. We expose our students to e-business, encourage them to understand the links between business strategy and processes, offer advanced courses in assurance and business risk, and help students appreciate global influences on financial reporting and management.

3. Smart students
Each year UNSW attracts some of the brightest Higher School Certificate students in New South Wales. The School of Accounting has had two Rhodes Scholars in recent years, both were First Class Honours graduates who majored in accounting. Bright and smart students help create a fantastic learning environment.

4. Excellent student support and growth opportunities 
The Peer Assistance Support Scheme enables advanced students to help groups of first year students succeed with their studies and adjust to life at university.

Classes are organised on a semester by semester basis which enables the use of more developmental feedback, with continuous assessment and end-of-session exams. Students taking out a pass degree can enrol in the accounting and auditing courses at the Honours level. 

There are also opportunities to complete part of a degree overseas through an exchange study program (eg, study equivalent courses at a US or Canadian university for 6 or 12 months). 

5. Program range and flexibility 
The breadth and depth of courses offered within the Australian School of Business is expansive and includes courses in information systems, marketing, finance, business law and taxation. 

Course structures are also flexible and students can switch from part-time to full-time study, and vice versa. Students can also change their specialisations. 

Most accounting students complete double majors. The most popular double majors are Accounting and Information Systems, Accounting and Finance, Accounting and Business Law and Taxation. 

6. Masters level articulation 
Students graduating with Honours from UNSW are exempt from one third of the Master of Philosphy course, which can then be completed in a year.