University Detail

Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

The College flourished from the very start and in 1810 moved to its present location at the corner of York Street facing St Stephen's Green. The site acquired for the building at that time was a disused Quaker graveyard. The College set about educating doctors with a strong emphasis on surgery. The founding fathers were very influenced by the standard of surgery in France at that time.

Out of respect for the French College of Surgeons they adopted the motto which is our motto to the present time of "Consilio Manuque" meaning Scholarship and Dexterity. The stimulus for growth in the early years was the demand for Army and Navy surgeons for the Napoleonic wars.

Over the past forty years the College has become home to the Faculties of Anaesthesists, Radiologists, Dentistry and Nursing. These bodies functioning independently have added a great dimension to the College and have added lustre to the Institution.