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University of Toronto


The University of Toronto is Canada's leading teaching and research university, and its unique place in the national landscape can be attributed, in part, to its rich and remarkable history. It was established in 1827
Nearly two centuries of growth have yielded spectacular results. With campuses in downtown Toronto, Mississauga and Scarborough, U of T has over 9,000 faculty and staff, and more than 60,000 graduate and undergraduate students and an endowment fund that exceeds $1.3 billion. Its library ranks fifth among major North American universities.


Under graduate
  • Accounting and Finance Degrees
  • History Degrees
  • Aeronautical Engineering Degrees
  • Law Degrees
  • Agriculture Degrees
  • Leisure and Tourism Degrees
  • Anthropology Degrees
  • Linguistics Degrees
  • Art Degrees
  • Mathematics Degrees
  • Arts and Humanities Degrees
  • Mechanical Engineering Degrees
  • Astronomy Degrees
  • Media and Communication Studies
  • Biological Science Degrees
  • Medical Degrees
  • Business Degrees
  • Metallurgy Degrees
  • Chemical Engineering Degrees
  • Modern Languages Degrees
  • Chemistry Degrees
  • Natural Sciences Degrees
  • Civil Engineering Degrees
  • Pharmacology Degrees
  • Computer Science Degrees
  • Pharmacy Degrees
  • Earth and Marine Sciences Degrees
  • Philosophy Degrees
  • Economics Degrees
  • Physics Degrees
  • Education Degrees

Employment Opportunities

You don’t have to look far at U of T to find part-time work! they post thousands of paid and volunteer jobs each year from on- and off-campus employers who feel that a student would make a valuable part of their team. They even provide you with employment skills development through our Career Centre with announcements, events, blogs and articles about finding work and developing career skills.

Working a few shifts a week can help finance your studies and let you build important workplace skills.

They also provide 
On campus work and 
Off-campus work