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PhD Scholarships at IMT Lucca

IMT Institute for Advanced Studies Lucca (www.imtlucca.it) is accepting applications, from extremely motivated students oriented towards dynamic and highly applicative research opportunities, for 36 fully-funded positions in its 2013 Doctoral Research Program. The Ph.D. Program offers advanced courses with a focus on the analysis, design and management of a large variety of socio-theorical systems and aims to contribute the advancement of the frontiers of research. While students can chose from a variety of programs - Computer Science, Control Systems, Image Analysis, Management Science, Economics, Management and Development of Cultural Heritage and Political History - each student is invited to construct a personal study plan with an Advisor, drawing from entire range of course offerings to best suit his or her background and research interests. All Tracks are in close collaboration with the School’s Research Units (http://www.imtlucca.it/research/research_units.php).

The Computer Science, Control Systems, Image Analysis and Management Science programs, embedded within the Computer, Decision, and Systems Science (CDSS) Track, aim at preparing researchers and professionals with a wide knowledge of the theoretical foundations of computer science and informatics, control systems and optimization, image analysis, and management science, that are able to analyze and propose constructive solutions to a large variety of real-life problems of industrial, managerial, economic, and societal interest. The objective of the program is to provide Ph.D. candidates with the necessary scientific competence to master the theoretical aspects of the disciplines related to the chosen curriculum, making them able to propose original research ideas (such as models, analysis techniques, formal languages, numerical algorithms, managerial solutions, and software tools), and to apply the new concepts to practical applications.

With its interdisciplinary approach, the Economics Track deals with issues in political economy, applied public economics, and the functioning of industries and markets, and the impact of macroeconomic factors on the functioning of markets, as well as on productivity and growth. The character of the Track is distinctive in its deployment of a strong integration of theoretical, technical and practical expertise, to educate highly qualified professionals who analyze, plan, and manage concrete applications of political economy. Theoretical methodologies and models are tested through the methodical/systematic investigation of real world case studies. At the end of the program, students will be able to discern the commonalities as well as distinctive features of markets and industries, in reference with regards to economic laws, market regulations and contractual, managing and organizational solutions.

The Management and Development of Cultural Heritage Track aims at providing prospective professionals operating in the field of management of culture and cultural heritage with specific know-hows. It also promotes research offering the students a lively contact with different research approaches and methodologies applied in the research fields related to cultural heritage and art history.

The Track in Political History aims to provide students with the most advanced and update-to-date theoretical and methodological instruments for the historical study of nineteenth and twentieth century politics, policies, political institutions and political ideas. The program aims in particular at bridging two divides: that between the theoretical approach of social scientists (political scientists and theorists, economists and anthropologists, global) and the idiographic approach of historians; and that between national and non-national (international, cross-national, transnational) political histories. By focusing on the theoretical competences necessary to understand political history, the core courses will aim especially at overcoming the first divide. By comparing national experiences, focusing on transnational phenomena and analyzing the interplay between national and supra-national arenas, the core seminars will especially aim at overcoming the second divide.

The call is competitive, and the coursework is challenging. Those who have completed the program have gone on to hold appointments at such prestigious institutions as the University of Berkeley, the National Research Council, McKinsey & Company, University of London, the Bank of Italy and the Italian government.

Please visit the call website www.imtlucca.it/phd/call_for_applications/ for more details regarding program content, the numerous benefits that students enjoy (including scholarships and room and board), and for the online application form. For more information, contact phdapplications@imtlucca.it.

Apply online.

Those interested will be able to hear a real-time presentation of the program on an interactive webinar scheduled for June 28th 2012 (after this date a recording of the same will be available for viewing). To sign up, go to brightrecruits.com/webinars/.

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