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Why study Law Degrees

  • Through your analysis of case studies and other work on your course you will become highly skilled in researching and then assimilating large amounts of information and complex data. These are important skills in a vast range of professions in commerce and industry.
  • You will develop very strong oral and written communications skills – needed by all employers these days.
  • You will learn to approach tasks in a clear, reasoned and logical way
  • You will also become an effective problem solver, have empathy and understanding for the needs of your clients and become commercially aware

Top countrtries to study Law Degrees abroad

France : In France, the legal education is a three tier system. The student may study for a LLB (licence de droit), then a LLM (master de droit) and, for those interested in Law theory, a PhD in Law (doctorat de droit). The majority of French universities offers Law courses in schools labelled as Research and Education Units (unité de formation et de recherche), Faculties of Law, or Law Schools. A LLM-level is a prerequisite for legal professions, but is combined with vocational education, such as the école nationale de la magistrature for judges and the Certificat d'aptitude aux fonctions d'avocat for advocates. Read more

Mexico : The program gives to the students a possibility to employ modern techniques of legal interpretation and implementation, and understand the interrelations between different legal systems. Read more

US : Welcome to US Law Colleges. Here you will find info on Careers in US Law, US Law Assistant, US Law education, US Law Programs, study US Law, US Law exams, US Law major, major in US Law, US Law certification exams, career info on US Law, admissions in US Law schools, US Law jobs, schools, colleges and universities around the globe. Read more

Germany : At the University of Freiburg, it is possible to undertake a postgraduate master’s programme, which is especially directed at law graduates from foreign countries. Upon successful completion of the master’s programme, the academic title of “Legum Magister” (LL.M.) will be awarded by the University of Freiburg. The aim of the postgraduate Master’s programme is to convey the fundamentals of German law; this includes two of the three legal areas – civil law, public law and criminal law. Within the scope of a six month master’s thesis, the programme enables students to focus on an individual subject area. Read more

Ucrain : By decision of the State Accreditation Commission of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine University is licensed and certified to conduct educational activities at the highest level IV accreditation, which allowed the provision of higher education (including foreign nationals) at the level of qualification requirements for specialist and MA degrees "jurisprudence". Read more