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Top countrtries to study Architecture abroad

USA : An Architect is a sort of an inventor. Like an inventor who goes about making and designing new gadgets, you go around designing new buildings. Architecture is a very satisfying profession You'll get a tremendous sense of delight after your concepts on paper transform into real buildings. You'll know the joy of creation in this field of Architecture Read more

Canada : Graduates of this innovative four-year, co-op Architecture - Project & Facility Management program will be educated and trained specifically to manage projects and facilities for the built environment. Students will graduate with strong foundations in architecture, construction, basic engineering and business, comprehensive insight into project and facility management and exposure to both liberal arts disciplines and practical applications for the business enterprise. Read more

Malaysia : Nationalistic idea is common when Malaysia was striving to achieve its independence. The spirit grew stronger when Malaysia did achieve independence in 1957. In showing Malaysia as a free country, Malaysian leaders, tried to make a symbol to represent the nation, and architecture plays an important role to make it a success, until now. According to Foster (1990), “Architecture is about people and the quality of life”. The statement is relevant to show the significance of architecture in showing national identity of Malaysia. Malaysian architecture is about Malaysia and the way Malaysians live. By looking at architecture, one will see the building form and façade which have elements like ornamentations, patterns and carvings. All elements play important part in reflecting Malaysian characteristics. Read more

UK : There are numerous very good reasons for choosing to study Architecture at a UK university rather than elsewhere in the world. First of all, the UK has a longer history of university education than any other English-speaking country, with the oldest institutions dating back around one thousand years. This means that students of Architecture at a UK university will have access to the best quality education available, with UK universities consistently ranking in the world top 100. Secondly, UK courses are very well-constructed, allowing the student to complete a Bachelors degree in three years (compared to four years in the US) and a Masters degree in one year (compared to two years in the US). What this means for the student is that graduates of an Architecture degree from a UK university save huge and valuable amounts of both time and money. Read more

Russia : The faculty has training workshops equipped for training in the specialities, drawing classes and unique lithographic workshop, computer center with graphics packages applications (AutoCAD, 3DMax, ARC+, ArchiCAD), exhibition halls and prototyping workshop, has the necessary instruments for design development of residential and public buildings, urban planning, landscape design of urban and suburban open spaces of various purpose and necessities. Read more