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admission.ac: Our Team supports and advises students in a number of ways: you can call us or you can send us message by filling the form or you can do a live chat with one of our counselor.
We advise our students about the application process, follow up with Institutions on their behalf.

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admission.ac will help you to find a student accommodation through one of our partners. We are dedicated team to accommodate your needs and make sure that all our students are comfortable with the location Few steps to study abroad in your dream country and subject.

8 things to do once you've been accepted to a study abroad program:

1. Applying for a Passport
2. Accessment for offer letter
3. Give tution fees
4. Get visa letter
5. Applying for a Study Abroad Student Visa from embassy
6. Booking your Study Abroad Flights
  • Check luggage costs
  • Make sure the airline you choose allows you to amend your travel dates
  • Consider where you'll be making a layover
  • In terms of cost, I can only offer a few pieces of advice
7. Getting a Student Identification and Discount Card
8. Obtaining Medical Insurance while Studying Abroad