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Establishment History

admission.ac was founded in 27th may 2013.

About admission.ac

Admission.ac, a new initiative of daffodil group has been established to support those students who are interested to go abroad for their higher study.

Daffodil, since our establishment in the year 1990. We have the commitment to achieve excellence in business and service. To reach our target we have given endless effort with deep trust, sincerity and dedication in the past years to strengthen our local capability and build up strong linkage endeavors with the international organization.

Today, daffodil is alienated into two specialized arenas:

  • ICT related concern
  • Daffodil Education Network

Now daffodil is the largest Education Network in Bangladesh. Already more than 2000 students has successfully transfer their credits to the well-known universities of UK, Canada ,USA ,Australia and many others country for their higher study. We have given all the necessary Support including initial counseling, admission, scholarship assistance, visa documentation. We have a vast experience about abroad student admission.

Based on this experience and considering demand of modern world, 'Daffodil Group' has decided to establish a new concern admission.ac as a abroad student counseling center to support those who are really interested to go abroad for their higher study.

Our Services

Admission.ac is offering proper career guideline for students to build career based on their professional ambition. We are not just processing visa, we help student to set their professional goal. Student will be selected and considered on the basis of their educational qualification, ambition and financial capabilities of their parents. In selecting a particular country and institution the steps mentioned below will be followed.

Language proficiency

Language proficiency is one of the barriers for international students. We are offering international language program for the students, they will complete native language course which country they want to go.

Admission and Scholarship

Admission to universities and institute will be confirmed after sending academic papers and score of language test. We help students to select universities based on their academic result and financial ability. Assistance will be provided to get scholarship from different universities according to the terms of universities.

Financial Assistance:

Generally most of the students and guardian fails to meet this criterion. Students have to prove their respective embassies that they have the capacity to pay tuition fees and expenses will have to be covered by the parent. Most of the cases application is rejected for the lack of proper financial documents. We assist to prepare essential papers and student loan from the bank.

Visa Assistance

Students will be prepared for visa interview by informing them necessary information and documentation.


We have expert team to arrange accommodation and tickets. We also arrange session for pre-departure briefings.

On Arrival Assistance

We have local agent in different countries; they receive students from airport and help them to reach their destination.